Six Awful Songs with Amazing Intros

Categories: Nitpick Six

4. Blue Swede - "Hooked on a Feeling"

"Hooked on a Feeling" is pure, back-stabbing betrayal - the kind you get from a person who charms their way into your apartment and politely asks to crash on your couch for a night. Then tries to stay there for a month.

It is extremely perplexing to consider the decision to transition from one of the best song introductions of all time into one of the lamest songs ever. Worst of all, they attempt to revive the "Ooga-chaka" later in the song, but it falls flat as you realize it's just going to drone back into awful lounge music. But with every tragedy, there is a silver lining - at least "Hooked on a Feeling" survived long enough to be covered in a psychotic manner by David Hasselhoff.

3. Six Feet Under - "Lycanthropy" (Live)

I'm going to get right to it, folks. When you preface a song with, "This is about the wolf; it's called 'Lycanthropy,'" you're setting the bar pretty high from the get-go. Too bad listening to this stale crap is probably more painful than having sex with a werewolf.

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