Six Awful Songs with Amazing Intros

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2. Guns N' Roses - "Sweet Child of Mine"

Those warm, buoyant, reverberating notes, echoing in a bright spiraling pattern - it's an intro that sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a meteor shower. The rest of the song, however, is a shrill and insincere waste made by a bunch of clowns. If "Sweet Child of Mine" were a one-night stand it would be awkward, because once those leopard-print pants came off, you'd realize they were filled with greasy diarrhea.

1. Devo - "Gut Feeling"

In a stunning twist ending only worthy of appearing in an M. Night Shyamalan film (or a music-themed list in an alt-weekly), we've included a song which has an intro just as fantastic as the rest of it. A one-night stand with this song would still be uncomfortable, though. Not because it'd wear one of those little red hats or yellow suits to bed, but because of how unworthy you'd find yourself feeling halfway through as your notice your filth tainting its divine beauty. Devo is simply too good for you. You should know that.


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