Six People to Avoid When Forming a Band

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Dave Watt

4. Too Punk

Everyone loves to have a good time. Unfortunately, those that suffer from being Too Punk have a tendency to do it by getting hammered and breaking things without worrying about any consequences. Which, I'll admit, is awesome, but good luck getting booked anywhere. Unless you're cool with your band only lasting about a year (which, come to think of it, is about how long we estimate most bands should last anyway), avoid the one-man mosh pit and his fingerless gloves of terror.

Dave Watt

3. Art School Know-It-All

You know who has an opinion on absolutely everything related to music? It's the person who spent $40,000 on a degree as useful as majoring in music journalism.

The Art School Know-It-All either has too much money to create substantive and meaningful art or they boldly put it all on the line, delusional enough to believe there's some sort of lucrative career waiting for them. Regardless of which one it is, you're guaranteed hours of conversation on why your favorite band sucks because of the sound of the kick drum on one of their albums.

In the interest of fairness, not everyone who goes to one of these schools fits this archetype. The major exception to the rule is the willfully bankrupt freak that never intended to pay their student loans back anyway -- just don't expect them to have practice-space rent.

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