Six St. Louis Bands Named After Animals

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Though the band's name should be labeled "NSFV" ("not safe for vegetarians"), Good Luck at the Hog Slaughter crafts tunes that everyone can consume. The band members identify their music as punk -- and that certainly fits -- but that doesn't quite encompass the full appeal. In addition to pulling out quite a bit of Fugazi-influenced sounds, GLATHS also layers in dreamy melodies, strong lyrics and almost-orchestral movements. Pulling hard edges and progressive rock through their meat grinder, Good Luck at the Hog Slaughter processes tasty audio bacon that makes even this twenty-year vegetarian salivate.


Bears usually aren't known for being gentle, but the musical ones apparently are the exception. Andy Berkhout and company breathe loving sighs all over our ears, giving us the cozy, quiet feeling of snuggling in an oceanside hut with the object of our affection. Trotting Bear has mastered a hazy, atmospheric style of song that emphasizes mood instead of in-your-face instrumentation, and the results are warm and well-crafted vignettes of emotion. Pillow soft, Trotting Bear's tunes are as trusted and familiar as a favorite stuffed animal.


Sometimes it's not about the animals themselves, but about what surrounds them. Ryan McNeely, a.k.a. Adult Fur, wraps projects in a unique skin of synth and boops that renders them unmistakably his. Cryptic, cosmic and experimental, he forces the worlds of rock, hip-hop and electronica to fuse together into a space-age sonic explosion. McNeely is a longtime beat craftsman for many St. Louis acts, but his Adult Fur work is fashionable enough to merit its own "best dressed" award.


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