The Best St. Louis Noise/Experimental Shows: January 2014

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Courtesy of Hearding Cats Collective | Dale Dufer
AQurld Waves creative director Rich O'Donnell returns for HEAR WHAT YOU DON'T SEE.

HEARDding Cats Collective presents HEAR WHAT YOU DON'T SEE
Friday, January 24
7:30 p.m. | $15 / $10 students, artists

The last time Rich O'Donnell and Doc Mabuse invited us to a show, it involved stripping down to our skivvies and jumping into the pool at Webster University. Like Aqurld Waves, their underwater concert in 2013, O'Donnell and Mabuse seek to alter the senses as part of the performance. With HEAR WHAT YOU DON'T SEE, the audience will be treated to short pieces of experimental music in a pitch-black environment.

The idea here is that without sight, the audience will focus on how the brain discerns sound without visual context. O'Connell and Mabuse will explore this darkness with music, using percussion, synthesizer and guitar. Regional Arts Commission provides a safe environment for the piece, and it's open to all ages.

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