To the Lame Wannabe DJ with the iPod: Stop it

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A) It's rude. You wouldn't bring your own band to someone else's wedding reception, so don't play your own playlist. 

B) It's awkward. The transition is almost never smooth, and nothing is worse than a jerky, midsong change.

When this happens, people get angry. There's usually yelling and booing involved, and that random dude who decided to steal the show will probably never get invited back.


This happens all over the place. At one recent after party, I heard the song "Gas Pedal" by Sage the Gemini over a dozen times, each one from a different drunk bitch's iPhone. (Seriously.) The problem was that no one person was in charge of the music, so therefore everyone was, and it was hell.

If you're throwing a party, be warned: A speaker and an auxiliary cord set up in the middle of the room is just asking to be messed with by partygoers. It's best to keep the source of the music out of sight.

For everyone else, remember to observe the new rule of party etiquette: It's always OK to BYOB, but please don't BYOiP.

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