20 Signs You Spend Too Much Time in the Loop

Categories: LOLZ

9. You dread the spring, 'cause you know the clipboard-toting do-gooders will want your help saving the planet.

Dave Crosby
I don't care that ten seconds of my time would save the entirety of planet Earth. It is lunchtime, I am hungry, and you are an obstacle that is keeping me that way.

10. You have the day circled on your calendar that the gingko trees start dropping their vomit-scented stinkballs.

11. You give people directions such as "It's up near Brennan's" or "You know where the Dairy Queen was?"

12. You know all the right and wrong answers on the "personality test."

Paul Sableman
Probably shaken off a fair number of those pesky body-thetans, too. Xenu is pleased,

13. You remember where Vintage Vinyl's annex used to be, and what it used to sell.

14. You're pleasantly surprised by how clean the seats in the new Tivoli are.

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