Win Tickets to See Street Fighting Band this Friday at the Pageant

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Street Fighting Band, St. Louis' tribute act to the Rolling Stones featuring players from many local groups, will be performing at the Pageant this Friday, and RFT Music has two tickets to give away!

To win, simply name your favorite Rolling Stones song and tell us why. Be creative! You may enter in the comments below -- make sure you include some way of contacting you, as well as your full name so you can pick up your tickets. We will announce the winner here by 5 p.m. Friday.

RFT Music writer Allison Babka had this to say about the band, in a recent critic's pick:

You can't always get what you want, as they say, but sometimes you get what you need. Thankfully, local Rolling Stones tribute group Street Fighting Band is here to give St. Louis what it needs, since Mick Jagger and the gang last visited town way back in 2006. Street Fighting Band -- a supergroup of outstanding Gateway City musicians from the Feed, the Incurables, Funky Butt Brass Band, Via Dove and more -- brings the legendary stage performances of its British Invasion heroes to life through tight song arrangements and flashy showmanship. The group's show is nearly three hours of "only rock & roll," but we definitely like it.

Watch a video of SFB performing at Old Rock House in 2012 below:


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I'm the Happy guy and win I win the tickets contact me at


Happy from Exile rocks. Keef''s singin'  makes Johnny Rotten seem like a choir boy -- and out of nowhere da horns da horns da horns ... best intro guitar lick ever and da is-it-my-turn-I'm kinda-lost leads make me howl.... but the real kicker is the words 

Always took candy from strangers,
Didn't wanna get me no trade.
Never want to be like papa,
Working for the boss evry night and day.

If WIllie Shakes got to hear 'em he'd give up and put down that big feather thing he write all that stuff wit

seen Keef with his Xpensive Winos back in '88 in Memphis drove all day in beatup fairmont no heat raining crazy no wipers no tickets show gets moved to a little club stead  of big hall.... begging for tickets and some chick don't want see Keef in no club we get her tickets and maybe like 500 folks there and like he plays Happy and I just weep cause its so so beauteous...


Bitch! My parents didn't encourage cussing. But when I heard that opening riff leading up to the horns bursting through like a jet breaking the sound barrier, there was no stopping this (at that time) 14-year old from playing and singing along to that song non-stop, and feeling dangerous singing that 5-letter word. And Dad couldn't do anything on April 12, 1999 when he took me to the United Center in Chicago for my first taste of a live concert and the Stones. Jumpin' Jack Flash flowed seamlessly into Bitch, those horns crisply ripped through my ears, and Dad and I were both singing along as loud as our voices would let us. Jordan Mandel 


Paint It Black -  How fun is it to shout "Paint it Black You Devils" in between songs at just about any concert....(it beats chanting "Free Bird" by far) and if you need a reference on why I might say that, just listen to the intro on side 2 of 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out' john


Dance Little Sister! Growing up my mom always sung that song to me. Then with my first child mom used to get a kick out of trying to sing, dance little brother dance but it just never sounded it right. Now I've given her a granddaughter. Watching her sing and dance to, dance little sister with my 7month old is the most amazing thing. My little one just gets so excited and "sings" with grandma. Alexandria Carter


Jumpin' Jack Flash!!!  The energy! Love the guitars! Brings up images of Mick running out and doing the splitz in picks you up and grabs your attention. My favorite stones song, classic!!!

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