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Dear Andrew,

I've always dreamed of living in New York City. I'm currently living in Auckland, New Zealand, and have never left the southern hemisphere. A lot of my friends are moving to London this year, and I've been saving up to move somewhere too. I feel like I should go with them to London because it would be helpful to have friends in a foreign city. I'm worried if I don't go with them, I'll never leave New Zealand at all. (I have a habit of making plans and not following through with them.) I entered the United States green card lottery and won. So, do I move to London where it's easier and I'll have friends, or do I move to New York and live out my dream?

-- Hamish

Dear Hamish,

You have to follow your dream. Come to New York City. The other options basically add up to taking the easy way out and playing it safe. You could go to London, and I'm sure you'd have a great time, but you would forever be aware that you weren't true to yourself or your dream. If you've had this strong dream about moving to New York City for so long, it's for a reason -- it's because it's what you're meant to do.

A lot of times, dreams can seem like fun ideas or just something cool to think about from time to time. But when a dream is very strong and persistent, it's not just a dream anymore -- it's your destiny. As a human being, you're obligated to follow your destiny. New York City is pulling you towards your destiny, and you might try and avoid it or put it off or go somewhere else, but your destiny won't stop calling to you.

In fact, its voice will only get louder and stronger. The pain of not following your dream will be much more than any pain you experience in going for it -- it'll ultimately be more challenging to not move to New York. You have this chance and you must take it. You owe it to everyone out there who wishes they had a chance you have now. Following your dream isn't always easy -- but it's always worth it.

Your friend,
Andrew W.K.


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