Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals is Your Badass Dad's New Favorite Band

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"The jackal is described as a 'pack creature' and they are all about doing shitty things together," offers Blaies. "They're scrappy; they're a gang." One look around the room and it is easy to feel surrounded by feral creatures. The Jackals are all in their early to mid-twenties and saturate a room with reckless energy. "The jackal aspect is a ton of people doing shitty things together. Just getting in trouble," Blaies says. He finishes his sentence as three of the five Jackals light cigarettes under Christmas lights. The flames from each lighter punch through the darkness.

And that "shitty" behavior has become the band's slogan. Blaies used his marketing degree to scheme up Jackal propaganda: stickers emblazoned with the band's slogan "JACKAL AS FUCK."

Anyone can be "JACKAL AS FUCK," Blaies explains. The lifestyle that Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals propagate is one that smells of whiskey and tobacco. Somehow, an acoustic guitar is always to be found. "You're supposed to be playing for a bunch of drunk people at a bar and play the same riff for ten minutes, then come back to something else -- to play spontaneous music and jam."

The Jackals will perform this weekend at Garagefest, held at the Heavy Anchor. Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals anticipate bad behavior.

"A band can't hold your attention the whole time," begins Blaies before he trails off and back onto his train of thought. "When you're hanging out and you're drunk, or you're by yourself, you want to just be able to do whatever you want to do. You have to find where that is and get lost in it."


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