Every St. Louis Music Release: January 2014

Highway Heat - Baron Von Awesome

Purchase via iTunes

Jetliner Gypsies - Wander

Lizzie Weber - Lizzie Weber

Fill in the Blank profile

Purchase via Bandcamp

The Locash Collective - First Shots Fired! 2014 compilation

Download via Bandcamp

Love Surrounds - Self-titled EP

Purchase via Bandcamp

Magnolia Summer - The Hill or the Climb

Feature: Magnolia Summer Returns with The Hill or the Climb

Purchase via Undertow, iTunes, Amazon

Men Working in Trees - Progress

Download via Bandcamp

PaleFace Junkies - Arch Society

Download via Bandcamp

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Merv Schrock
Merv Schrock

Missed the Ransom Note 'Big Soul" Hope you like!

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