Gas Station Pump Flyer Sorely Lacks Details

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The gas pump in question, with mysterious flyer.

We got an amusing email today from a reader seeking our help. We love to help! And it goes a little something like this:

Dear RFT Music,

I am mad at the Circle K on Hampton. You know, the one just north of Interstate 44 that always has a parking lot full of cars circling like drunken Zambonis? They sold me a box of expired sugar free Red Bull and now my Friday is sure to be unproductive and dumb and wing-less. (But they do carry Argo Tea. Have you tried this stuff? It is gosh darn delicious.)

Anyway, while I was at the Circle Lame this morning filling up my tank with America Juice, I saw an oddly-placed show flyer. Some fool put a sticker with concert information right on the gas-pumper-thing! Man, that takes balls when you consider all of the cameras at any south side station. So help a sista out: What is this show?

The defacing has been defaced and all I can make out is that it's a Fest on March 7 at Foam with seven bands.

Maybe this is the show of my dreams and my patronage of that terrible gas station and the resulting Caffeine Shortage of 2014 will all be worth it because I saw this flyer.

Give up the deets!

--Sugar Free in the City

Dear Sugar Free,

The name of the fest that you are referring to is Weird Fest. I found it by using our handy-dandy Concert Calendar -- you can search by venue, date or artist name, meaning that you can find the complete info on any show in town if you know even one of those details.

Each week we input hundreds of shows into our system, and pride ourselves on thoroughly including everything that is going on in town -- all of that info fills the Concert Calendar and informs our coverage. For more info on how to make sure the shows you care about are getting some ink, check out this informative blog post.

And to those distributing flyers: A gas pump is a silly place to put that, ya goon. Somebody will have that peeled off within an hour of placement. You are wasting your own flyer! Just sayin'.

Happy to help,
--RFT Music


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aaronmccoy242 topcommenter

thank you for introducing me to the phrase "america juice." I shall attempt to deploy it with grace and reverence 

JamesMadison topcommenter

who cares about the flyer. I mean who reads the inspection tags anyhow? What I do care about is that some people are using the GASOLINE pump to put out their cigarettes!

Ellen Cook
Ellen Cook

I'm definitely flyering at a gas station now.


and yet, it merited a blog post, so maybe they had the right idea?

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