LaFarge Pokes Veteran's Administration for Plans to Destroy Palladium

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Chris Naffziger
The Palladium

LaFarge wonders why the city would allow the VA to build the new facility just as Grand Center enters a period of revitalization, pointing to plans to resurrect the similarly troubled Sun Theater.

The Missouri Theater building, recently home of the Department of Health, will follow with a multi-million-dollar renovation slated to start in this new year. Tearing down the Palladium while Grand Center is bouncing back to life makes no sense.

LaFarge encouraged residents to contact the VA and Ward 19 Ald. Marlene Davis, saying that "...when you tear down a piece of our history, you're also risking losing your identity."

A Facebook group called Save The Palladium Building at Grand Center started December 7, 2011 and currently boasts 1,271 members.


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Jimmie Thomptson
Jimmie Thomptson

change is ALWAYS difficult in STL, unless you have solutions then get out of the way...lets grow STL...

Scott Hoffmann
Scott Hoffmann

Unless someone has loads of money to invest in this property I don't really see any issues here

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