Folk Humorist Mary Mack Returns to St. Louis After World Series Cancellation

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As a comedian who plays an instrument as part of your act, what do you think of the reputation of comics who play music?

You know, I don't know anymore. There's so many types of music acts that it's unfortunate some people group them all together and say yay or nay. Just like prop acts, I don't care what somebody is using, as long as they're making me laugh or think.

Do you have an opinion on whether or not you should be described as a "comedian" or "comedienne"?

No opinion. I think males and females should all be "comedians" because it's easier to spell.

Do you have a preference of performing in alternative rooms as opposed to traditional comedy clubs?

No. It's all the same to me. I do whatever I want to, usually, and I don't care about the room. If it's funny, it's funny. I'd love to do more things with my silly instrument ideas, but the fees to fly with it all are just more than I'm willing to pay. If everyone would just be willing to come to my garage for all the shows, then I could do whatever I want!


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