Reggie and the Full Effect Did Not Disappoint Last Night at Fubar: Review and Setlist

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"This is off of my most-returned record -- 30,000 copies returned in this first week," Dewees quipped with a smile. "Vagrant wasn't very happy about it, but I sure was." The reason the album was returned so many times was it's joke title and nature. Titled Under the Tray, the physical disc itself was hidden under the black plastic tray of the Jewel case, making it look as though it were empty.

James Dewees is 37. He will always be the first to remind you of this, playfully calling himself the "Gandolf of emo." He needs to remind you because it's so easy to forget as you get lost in songs with topics as varied as girls, breakfast, bad tattoos, rehab, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the Loch Ness Monster and the DMV. The older tracks feel right at home next to material from last year's Kickstarter-funded No Country for Old Musicians.  As the set drew to a close, he reminded the crowd and clued in first timers that "The show isn't over. There's still 2 more bands." Dewees then unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a smaller tank top and launched into his set as Fluxuation. As soon as he left the stage, the band returned in full Nun Habits with bloody white masks, droning for a couple minutes until Dewees emerged in a habit as well, face drenched in fake blood.

And don't worry if you missed it -- after the show, Dewees made it a point to let everyone know the group would be back this summer. 


Reggie and the Full Effect:
No Country for Old Musicians Intro
Girl Why'd You Run Away?
From Me to You
Kanji Tattoos Still in Style
Drunk Girl at a Get Up Kids Show/ Congratulations Smack and Katy
revenge is a dish best served at Park Chan-Wook's (Korean Revenge Film)
Fowlin Around
Your Girlfriends Hate Me
Who Needs Another Drink
Take Me Home Please
Thanks for Staying
Get Well Soon

Mood 4 Luv
Love Reality

Common Denominator:
Dwarf Invasion


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