Review: Roky Erickson, Black Angels at Firebird's 5th Anniversary Party 2/1/14

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The Black Angels

The Black Angels closed the evening out after setting up an array of instruments and projections. The people in the Firebird seemed to be all at various levels of chemical intake, showcased by behavior ranging from barely swaying back and forth to rigid, pulsing head banging. The lightshow/Windows Media Player visualizations behind the band created a real "let's all take a journey/have a seizure" type of atmosphere. The band played a solid hour of droning, noise-filled doom-rock. It captivated about three-forths of the audience, with some elder statesmen leaving the building after Roky's set. The group sounded decent and put on a good show -- a few people who'd been to their last few shows in St. Louis said it wasn't nearly as energetic or intense as at previous stops, which is hard to imagine to say the least.

Notebook Dump:

Roky just walked by me and some friends from like a foot away. I'm glad they didn't hear me squeal.
I want to hear "If You Have Ghosts" so bad, damn.
I've never seen this many retirees at a show.
Roky is giving a "Hell Yeah Smile" every time there's a guitar solo, like he's never heard it before.
Black Angels' light show is going to make my brain explode.
Snackpack says to include that Jeremy Baker is a dick.


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