Ryan Wasoba Makes Music for Dogs Now, Seriously

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Mabel Suen
Ryan Wasoba.

It is difficult to begin writing about Ryan Wasoba. Where does his story begin?

Maybe with his last band.

Eleven years ago Wasoba, Aaron Stovall, Griffin Kay and Clayton "Norm" Kunstel recorded as the massively influential So Many Dynamos. Ask any musician around town -- they know So Many Dynamos. They have the records: When I Explode, Flashlights, Loud Wars. St. Louis grimaced when Wasoba left the band in 2009. Where was he going next?

He also wrote for us, the RFT. With his Better Living Through Music column, Wasoba pondered things like, "Why Do Musicians Bother Playing Music?" and what it means "When Music Doesn't Fit." His writing reflected how he explored the world off the clock and in the privacy of his brain.

Then, he left us to devote his time to Bird Cloud Recording. He produced Foxing's The Albatross. He and Bear Hive are close to the release of the All in Real Time LP.

Still a creator, Wasoba now curates the music of others, his own solo project having been released two years ago. In Bird Cloud Studios he is present, comfortable to be around, and never out of reach. Wasoba turns on the television and talks about his latest musical venture: DogTV.

Ryan and his dog.
Blair Stiles: Did you really find out about DogTV, a television channel for dogs, when you tried to cancel cable?

Ryan Wasoba: Actually, I was scanning through channels and there was a banner ad kind of thing near Animal Planet that said "DogTV." Channel 354. I think a long time ago there was a "This American Life" story about DogTV or something similar. I just checked it out. It is such an odd concept. Sort of bizarre. But then the music... I could tell the music in it, whoever was writing it... I could hear references to Brian Eno. You could tell whoever wrote the music has listened to Kid A a bunch.

Is there a particular program where that comes out the most?

It's almost like an MTV type format. The program, as it shows up on your guide, is in an hour block, or two hour block. Four minute segments.

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One night I couldn't sleep, so I clicked through all of the music channels and could not find anything that would relax me.  I finally landed on DogTV and it was perfect.  Now I always use it for background music and I am sure that I benefit more than my 3 dogs and cat, although they will look at the screen on occasion.


I've had it on in the background many times....my dog could care less, but it is interesting as background music.  

Tyler Villhauer
Tyler Villhauer

Ryan's work with SMD has been extremely influential on my taste in music (I'm listening to a New Bones remix as I write this), and I followed him to RFT, a website I now check on a daily basis to keep up with all things related to Juggalo Gathering, whiskey crotching, and St. Louis in general. I hope he finds continued success with his latest project.

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