Six St. Louis Acts Leading the Local Scene

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Sometimes true leaders take a step back to ensure that others get time in the spotlight. In a nutshell, that's Black Spade. Though we recently named him one of St. Louis' thirteen best rappers, Black Spade prefers to collaborate with others, often behind the scenes, and push baby rapper birds out of the nest. His own work sets a standard for quality, however, with insightful lyrics, crooked beats and a passionate, soulful voice.


In this town, Beth Bombara is indie-rock royalty. She's also nonstop busy, writing and recording quality tunes while playing countless shows as a solo act, with husband Kit Hamon and friends, in heartbreak-rock outfit Old Lights and as Cassie Morgan's entire backing band. After a successful Kickstarter for her well-received EP Raise Your Flag, Bombara went all-in on promotion, launching a new website and a series of videos in January.


We've raved about Magnolia Summer plenty of times -- most recently during our interview series here and here, and also in our "Eight Bands to Watch in 2014" post. But Chris Grabau and the gang deserve the notoriety and appreciation. A long-time revolving collection of musicians that happily cross-pollinates local acts like bees, Magnolia Summer plays major festivals nationwide, tours the world and arranges some of the tightest, feelingest songs to ever come out of the Gateway City.


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