Musical Match-Making: Six St. Louis Musician Couples Share Their Experiences

Joshua Black Wilkins
Kit Hamon and Beth Bombara


Couple: Beth Bombara and Kit Hamon
Romance cred: "Married, engaged and committed" for nine years, Hamon says.
Bombara's role in the band: vocals, guitar and keys, in addition to writing songs
Hamon's role in the band: upright bass, fiddle, drums and others, in addition to arranging and producing songs

[Note: Bombara and Hamon answered our questions jointly.]

Best part about working together, worst part about working together
The answers to these two questions are opposite sides of the same coin. Much of our favorite art seems to have a balance between tension and ease. We balance each other out with our skills and personalities, and of course there are moments of tension because we're very different people trying our best to be honest with each other.
 So, the worst part is when that honesty is tough to accept. It sucks because sometimes you know your partner is right, even though you don't want them to be.
 On the flip side, the best part is when that honesty pushes each of us to work harder or explore the other's idea more fully. Some of our favorite musical moments have happened as a result of pushing ideas back and forth until we reach a hard-fought compromise. People tend to see compromise as a precursor to mediocrity; we don't.

A funny thing about performing together is...

Sometimes at shows, an audience member will approach one of us and bashfully ask about the other's relationship status or even creepily request the other's phone number. It's tempting to just give out the phone number and see what happens.

Advice to other lovebirds starting a band together
Just like any situation where you're working with a significant other, the ups and downs of your romantic relationship are amplified by the working relationship (and vice versa). That shouldn't be a deterrent, just a reason to keep your ego and emotions in check. Or not.

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