Musical Match-Making: Six St. Louis Musician Couples Share Their Experiences

Kara Shoen
Michael and Susan Logsdon of Scarlet Tanager


Couple: Susan and Michael Logsdon
Romance cred: Married, and together for eight years
Susan's role in the band: lead vocals, guitar
Michael's role in the band: guitar, vocals, trumpet, others

Best part about working together
Susan: The best part is definitely sharing all of this together; the ups and downs, the crazy amount of work, and the satisfaction that comes from doing what you love are all amazing things to share as a married couple at this time in our lives. There are also those moments on stage when we catch each other's eyes, and it feels like it's right where we are suppose to be. P.S.: It's also nice having your husband help you with interview questions, because he is just better at that kind of thing.

Worst part about working together
Susan: Helping each other grow as musicians and artists requires a lot of honesty. Though we are very good at hearing the honesty and taking the advice from each other, it still can be hard.

A funny thing about performing together is...
Susan: We played with Tilly and the Wall at the Firebird. I stupidly set a cup of water on what I thought was just a big wooden box on stage. Michael told me right before we started to play that I shouldn't set it there, and I said it was fine. Halfway through the set, I spilled the cup of water on said wooden box. Turns out the wooden box was Tilly and the Wall's special tap-dancing wooden box, and they delayed the show for, like, 20 minutes because they were trying to soak up the water. I felt so embarrassed and terrible. Needless to say, I received a big fat "I told you so" from Michael!

Advice to other lovebirds starting a band together
Susan: Doing anything artistic is an exceptionally vulnerable thing. To do so hearing criticism from your significant other can certainly lead to hurt feelings. You need to work on finding the best way to communicate and receive criticism from each other while also not allowing it to spill over too much into your romantic lives.

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