Sixteen St. Louis Hip-Hop Acts to Watch in 2014

Legend Camp

Legend Camp- Fresh off the heels of their newly release LP "Camp Audio" the LC crew consisting of X-Luger and Fresh Voice are on a course to do the impossible. They have meshed the catchiness of St. Louis dance music with the grittiness of conscious hardbody hip hop. Their album's literally sound like they hand picked the best producers in the city one by one and locked them in the studio. I don't think anyone has a better beat selection process than Legend Camp and this is quickly becoming their trademark. Their live shows are action packed and full of energy. They are a staple in St. Louis hip hop. Everyone loves them and we all want to see them win. As a fan I am hoping 2014 will be the year they achieve the critical acclaim they truly deserve.I've always been a Legend Camp fan , this is my favorite St. Louis rap group.


SMS - She is likely the most unknown artist on this list, but possibly one of the most talented individuals our city has to offer the world of music. St. Louis super-producer Tech Supreme has finally found an experimental pop artist that is capable of meshing her poetic songwriting ability with his hard-hitting and ever-evolving production. I'm often harsh on newcomers but over the course of time she has made me a fan and a believer. You won't be able to find any of her music at the current moment. She has performed at Grove Fest and has toured the midwest region, breaking the ice as a performer. Her music merges the dance elements of hip-hop with the sing-along enjoyment of pop music. I wanted to be the first music critic to write about her, because once the trigger is pulled her career in St. Louis will be automatic. She has a slight bit of soulfulness that comes quite unexpected when you consider her range as a singer. In 2014 I am predicting she will have a breakout year and convert more than a few music lovers into fans of her movement.


Dough Staxxx Dollaz - Dough is from East St. Louis and may very well be the first of his kind in the St. Louis rap scene. I say this because he is a character without purposefully attempting to be a character. His story is unique -- he's the nephew of one of the most well-known hip-hop managers in the town, Jay Stretch. Yet he didn't inherit his buzz overnight due to his uncle's connections -- he worked for it the old-fashioned way, and now you can hear the voice of the man commonly known as "Dollaz" occasionally getting a spin on St. Louis radio. He is in the studio at the moment with his Cele-bra-Gz crew (Mexico, J-Ruger, Batz Balboa), putting the finishing touches on his debut project. He has done it all over the course of the last year in the name of promoting his brand. Dollaz is a naturally entertaining and interesting person. In 2014 I'm hoping to see him score big with a citywide hit or maybe a high-quality rap video that will take his situation to the next level.


Rip the General- Controversy sells, but it eventually burns out. With that said, I believe Rip the General is more than a controversy-driven rapper. He is directly connected to the likes of Tupac's crew, the Outlawz, and has collaborated with them more than a few times. While I personally don't agree with everything he does, you have to admire his passion. The phrase "it's deeper than rap" is really applicable to his career and lifestyle choices. The numbers don't lie, and the numbers support the notion that he has a fanbase. His music is harsh and often carries an unapologetic message. People have long asked when we would give him his due credit. Last time I spoke with him he notified me that he is currently collaborating with several MCs outside of the country and in 2014 he is hoping to be viewed in a more positive light.

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