The Best St. Louis Noise/Experimental Shows: February 2014

Categories: DIY

MILD POWER show series featuring
Heatsick with Black James and Raglani
Thursday, February 13
Kerr Foundation Building
(21 O'Fallon Street)
8 p.m. | $10 | All Ages

Heatsick travels from Berlin to deliver distinctive dance music. By locking rhythms onto noisy loops, Heatsick explores tight percussive sound with sharp melody. Opener Black James matches Heatsick well by merging uptempo pieces with sultry ambient work. Often delving into trance-like parts, Black James blends the songs together in a live mix and often keeps an upbeat feel throughout.

Raglani rounds out the cast with sweeping modular synth, building a complex web of tones and textures into atmospheric songs. The focus on crossing experimental with accessible electronic music provides a solid entry point for curious showgoers. Live feeds of each performer will be projected in the show space, and the use of video feedback will allow for an unpredictable but stimulating visual element.

This gig narrowly misses Valentine's Day, but the intimate show space and ambient nature of each performer makes the gig a sure bet for any couple interested in exploring new electronic music together.

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