Adorable St. Louis 5-Year-Old Releases Rap Video About Black History, Is Awesome

One of the things Jordin had to learn about was filming a music video. Though he'd previously been inside the recording studio and on the stage, the five-year-old prodigy had to adjust to a shooting schedule and lookie-loos. Filmed in St. Louis and East St. Louis, the video visits a number of historically black landmarks, including the Old Courthouse, the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, the Chuck Berry statue and stars on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

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"Proud History" is a true family affair, with Jordin rapping, papa RT-FaQ (née Ramel Prince) directing the video, cousins dancing and brother Royale Prince making an appearance. Royale seems poised to follow the path set by RT-FaQ and Jordin; the two-year-old loves playing the drums and honing his own stage persona.

"These two kids, they take people's hearts away," RT-FaQ says. "They performed with me at the S.L.U.M. Fest awards a couple of weeks ago, which was the highlight of the night for a lot of people. And Jordin crowd surfed! He just jumped into the crowd. It was pretty amazing."

RT-FaQ says that Jordin loves hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar and basketball players Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. But most of all, Jordin looks up to his daddy. RT-FaQ often catches the tyke mimicking the way he practices or writes songs (though at his young age, his "songwriting" is rather scribbled), and it makes the elder Prince's heart swell.

"Jordin tells me every day, 'You're the best daddy I've ever had,'" RT-FaQ says. "I'm excited about the song, and he's excited about it. He makes me proud every day."


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