The Ten Best Shows in St. Louis This Weekend: February 21 to 23

Saturday (February 22):

Brothers Lazaroff & Elizabeth McQueen EP Release
w/ Thelonius Kryptonite, Jenny and the Late Nite
@ The Demo
10 p.m. | $7
Ex-Asleep at the Wheel singer Elizabeth McQueen pairs up with the Brothers Lazz for this collaborative release. Read more about it via an extensive interview by reporter Roy Kasten's. (MS)

Those Darlins
w/ Diarrhea Planet, Speedboats
@ Off Broadway
9 p.m. | $12-$15
Those Darlins, of course, but make sure you show up in time for Diarrhea Planet -- consistently a good time and fast becoming a favorite for St. Louis music fans. (DH)

Speakers in Code's 4th Anniversary
w/ Houndmouth, Howell Dawdy
@ Plush
9 p.m. | $10/$12
Speakers in Code, a homegrown music blog, celebrates four years with a line-up featuring Indiana's indie-folk-rockers Houndmouth and comic/poet Howell Dandy of Louisville, Kentucky. Click the links to learn more about each of these performers. (MS)

A couple other recommended options for Saturday include Skeletonwitch at the Firebird and Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society at Joe's Cafe. More info behind the links.

Sunday (February 23):

A.J. Croce
@ Old Rock House
8:30 p.m. | $15-$22
The musical influence and background of A.J.'s parents, singer-songwriters Jim and Ingrid Croce, has resulted in no shortage of talent within their musician son, who shows flashes of his folks' sensibilities in his own work. (DH)

Off With Their Heads
w/ I Am Heresy, The Haddonfields, The Scam
@ The Firebird
8 p.m. | $10-$12
Minneapolis' Off With Their Heads is a favorite among St. Louis pop-punk fans. Wonder why the Humanoids aren't on this one? (DH)

w/ Gnarwhal, Shaved Women, Stonechat
9 p.m. | $6
Nashville's Gnarwhal and Baltimore's Roomrunner bring noisy rock to St. Louis, with opening sets by two of St. Louis' best purveyors of subversive sounds. CBGB is always a great place for shows too -- just avoid the gin buckets if you want to function the next day. (DH)

Also for your consideration, Barenaked Ladies hit Soulard this Sunday at the annual Beggin' Pet Parade.

Note: Though we wish we could, we can't feature every great show happening in town in just one measly post. Peruse the St. Louis concert calendar for more ideas any time. Let everyone know what else you're looking forward to seeing this weekend in the comments below, and submit show info online any time to be considered for inclusion on these lists.


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The Freight Hoppers, hard-driving old-time string band, will kick ass old-time style at the Focal Point tonight at 8 pm.  Avett Brothers, Schmavett Brothers!  I'll take the Hoppers any day.  Sure, one night at Focal Point is but a fraction of three nights at The Peabody, but if you want an intimate, up-close show that's more living room than LiveNation, hie thee to Maplewood tonight.

Terry Grohman
Terry Grohman

The Catapults at The Beale on Broadway Saturday night 10:30PM-2:30AM... Really excellent newer band that you should check out - a fresh take on the Blues/R&B/Funky genre in Soulard - worth a look, RFT...


Skeletonwitch, ThorHammer, and Voyage of Slaves at the Firebird! Come on RFT! 

Jamie M. George
Jamie M. George

Saturday night We're playing a benefit show to help the Ivory Theater in South City. Doors at 5:30 and there are 5 or 6 bands. Featuring - Slot Car Derby, Prarie Rehab, The Kevin Rennick Band, Ragged Company and more. The show is all ages and proceeds benefit the Ivory Theater.... Oh yeah, There will be beer.

Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson

THE MAIN SQUEEZE + Stiff Necked Fools for The Music Mashup Volume 1 at Broadway Oyster Bar Saturday night

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