Every St. Louis Release: February 2014

This is pretty self-explanatory, really -- here you will find every musical project released in the St. Louis area in February 2014, listed in alphabetical order. There are links to information about the bands and places to buy these things as well as streaming previews wherever possible.

Note: We realize there are probably a few things we missed. If you know of an album, EP or compilation that came out last month, let us know in the comments and we'll amend this post.

If you'd like to have your release included in the March installment, or if you'd like to put an upcoming local release on our radar in general, e-mail us at music@riverfronttimes.com with "ATTN: St. Louis Release" in the subject line.

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American Merlin - Light & Sound

Purchase via Bandcamp

Bruiser Queen - For All the Hunnies EP

Purchase via Bandcamp

Bug Chaser - Sexual Forecast

Purchase via Bandcamp

CnClear - Urban Jazz Vol 1

Download via Bandcamp

Centipede - LuvSounz

Purchase via Bandcamp

The Crisp Money Legends - Rick Steves: Get On My Level, Fool

Purchase via Bandcamp

Con Trails - Tunnel Prey EP

Download on Bandcamp

Eat Tapes - Meat Bundle #1

Purchase on Bandcamp

FarFetched - Louder Than Words: Comp. 1

Purchase via Bandcamp

Fister - Equinoctial

Purchase via Black Bow Records, Bandcamp

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ill Temperaments "homesick" came out on February 14th on komorebirecords.com  

Author F-Kenneth Taylor
Author F-Kenneth Taylor

I'm an avid music lover. Can listen to almost any genre except hard rock and opera--sorry, just can't do those two! Lol!


you forgot american merlin - light and sound


Fun fact: you can hear one of the songs in the Tok album featured here in the intro to the Tef Poe album featured here.

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