Britches Release Demolition Tonight: "The tape's more like a tombstone."

Outside of their practice space.
What we like most about St. Louis is... St. Louis is really a great place to live and make music, or art, or do anything that eats up a lot of your time and pays very little. The cost of living is low, there is decent public transit, there are disused buildings readily available to be converted into venues, galleries, practice spaces, sandwich shops, hair salons, Family Videos, H&R Blocks (during tax season), amateur dentistry academies, auto title loan tattoo parlors, non-profit dojos for the feeble... Arby's.

We make music because... if we didn't, our parent wouldn't love us anymore.

We're most inspired by... It changes over time. Right now we have made a concerted effort to listen to classical music. Saying that feels pretty douchey but none of us really have listened to it besides modern classical music. Thinking about this wealth of music that we've never been exposed to that could inspire us was intriguing. Intentionally exposing ourselves to music is important to us. If we were going to make a sitcom and only watched Who's The Boss, and based everything off that we would end up making a really bad version of Who's The Boss. We're not trying to make a bad version of Who's The Boss here.

The St. Louis music scene could use... more venues. There are places around St. Louis that we enjoy playing and others that we play at just because it's a place to play.

A look at the "noise log."
The best show we ever played was... Pig Slop 1989 with Ron Wax. We finally had four songs that sounded like Britches. So we get a spot on this show at Pig Slop, with about four other bands, one of them being Ron Wax. This show actually had people at it unlike most of our previous shows. Being new and whatnot we knew we were going to play last but we didn't care -- there were enough people that would hang around till then or so we thought. So the show starts and this guy from New Orleans with long hair, forget his name, plays some rockin' stuff on a ukulele. Then another band goes and then Ronny Wax. Ron is some mechanic from Nebraska who apparently doesn't drink much, at least according to him: He kept saying it all night while downing a bucket of margs.

It comes time for Ron to play and he was a mess, can't put his guitar on, stumbling around, knocking over his own weird amp. Needless to say, he can't play, at least in the traditional sense. This alone would have been fine. If he would have just stumbled around for awhile, then maybe eventually fallen over and called an ambulance, none of us would have cared, but that wasn't the case. As his set devolves, he starts shouting at the audience -- just obscenities, not even funny ones or ones that make sense. At one point he calls everyone a "Mississippi River cocksucker." This keeps going on and on -- him not being able to play, yelling incoherently. The novelty wore off and people started leaving. We are just standing to the side, glaring at him and shaking our heads as the crowd dwindles. After the fifty-third and last person walks out the door, he stops playing. We got Waxed. And in hindsight, "Mississippi River cocksucker" is a pretty funny insult.

Five current artists worth listening to are... This first one isn't an artist but the opera, "Nixon In China," by John Adams, The Haxan Cloak, Frankie Teardrop, Guerilla Toss, Hair Police.

The most difficult thing we've learned while playing music is... That Marty's body really isn't as sexy as he claims it to be.

See Britches' album release show info as well as a video performance on the next page.

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