Rappers and Ravers: Quit Glorifying Drugs That Kill

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But encouraging behavior that is so directly linked to death is too much. Why mainstream EDM culture continues to glorify ecstasy is a mystery; indeed, as often as not, ravers and musicians will allege persecution by the media, or insist that the solution is simply "responsible drug use."

That is, in fact, the solution, but it doesn't mean getting kits to test your molly. It means not using molly.

Whatever happened to getting fucked up responsibly?

No, seriously, marijuana is a great drug that will not only safely get you high, it will, like, put you in touch with the spirit world. (And God bless the many, many rappers and ravers who speak up, nearly constantly, on its behalf.)

Magic mushrooms? Some scientists think they're pretty safe

And both of those drugs are waaaay cheaper than promethazine cough syrup, which we've heard can go for hundreds of dollars a bottle.

In any case, by all means have fun out there. Just put stuff in your body that will still allow you to have a body when it's over.

And if you're in a position where people actually give a shit what you say, try to say something that's not destructive.


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