Online Petition Addresses St. Louis Summer Rocks Festival Uproar

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So you're nearing your goal on this petition. What happens when you get the 200 people signed up?

I think the way MoveOn works is when you get to 200, they say the next goal is 300.

What's your endgame with the petition?

Honestly the damage has already been done. Even if ICM or the city decides against it, at least those two festivals will not be returning. My ultimate goal here is to raise the level of conversation. Maybe, hopefully, come up with a strategy to quantify the worth of St. Louis culture, and in turn, create a St. Louis that is so proud of its culture that no company, regardless of size and money, is worth more than the people who cultivate and celebrate culture in St. Louis.

And do you think the city will listen?

I think the city will listen to dollars. If we were in New Orleans and asked their city hall what the worth of their music, food and art was, I'd imagine they'd say its priceless. St. Louis culture is one of the city's least tapped resources. If we, as a city and county, can come together to relay what we think the value of ourselves is, they might listen. Ultimately, if we can't stop the bill, we sure would like to affect it.


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