Live Blog: 24 Consecutive Hours at Pop's Nightclub

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Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 3:27pm
This Blues game is thrilling, yo. And while we're on the subject of local celebrities, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics to come hang out with me today/tonight/tomorrow. We're in love; he just doesn't know it yet.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 3:08pm
"And they got a pool table, too!"

(If you didn't read that in Garth Algar voice, your life sucks.)

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 3:06pm
These Blues announcers sound like they have a major crush on David Backes. But who doesn't?

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 2:45pm
A few dudes just showed up and ordered drinks. Should I talk to them? I feel too shy to approach them, but I have the feeling that they'll come and talk to me soon, anyway. They always do.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 2:26pm
I forgot hand sanitizer, but remembered to bring an extension cord. We'll call it a draw. The Blues game is on the television now. GOshie! Also, I'm going to the show advertised in this photo next weekend. Two Saturdays in a row at Pop's? My life is awesome/sad like that.


Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 1:50pm
I'm settling into a groove. I brought a lot of stuff to work on because I knew I'd be here for at least a while by myself. Do you know how many ways you can procrastinate at home? Instead of getting writing done, I'll frequently decide that it's a great time to clean the dust off of my ceiling fan or reorganize my shoes. Not here. I have nothing else to do right now but work or play a one-sided game of pool. It's just you and me, Taylor Swift notebook.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 1:28pm
The music has been switched off, the sound in here is now the audio for the basketball game that's on the the TVs. One of these basketball players is named Dalton Pepper. Dalton Pepper! Say it aloud if you don't get me yet.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 01:05pm
The bartender here is very sweet. She was confused about why I was here at first, but she's super nice, and before I can even ask, she offers me the Pop's wifi password. I'm the only non-employee here right now. It's dark in here. I like it.


Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 12:02pm
The first song I heard as I walked in. A good sign, I think.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 12:01pm
I've arrived.


Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 11:45am
There are few stretches of road in St. Louis that I love to drive more that lovely section of highway 55 north from Loughborough to downtown. The beautiful architecture, the view of the river, they way traffic always slows down just south of the merging highways, allowing you a nice long view of our beautiful Arch. But this time, I peeked across the river with apprehension, knowing that soon I'd be in Sauget for, like, forever.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 11:20am
I packed my prep backpack. Red Bull, granola bars, sunglasses, my favorite pens and my super-hawt Taylor Swift notebook. Let's do this. Also, now would probably be a good time to mention that there's a man at my house, and I've authorized him to use deadly force to protect my collection of heart-shaped sunglasses, so don't go trying to bust into my crib while I'm away.



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