Seven Weird Things Rock Stars Have Put Their Penises In

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By Luke Winkie
We've built a culture that breathlessly responds to the reckless id of horny rock stars. It's either another colorful facet of pop culture or the crumbling of our basic human values, depending on how you look at it. What we do know, is that gross white men sticking their penis into esoteric things is a tradition that is not going to change for quite some time. So while we're living in this phallic age, we might as well do our best to evaluate it. Below, you will find a host of weird things rock stars have allegedly put their penis in. We're judging style, hilarity, memorability, improvisation, and of course, immortalization.

Tommy Lee - Breakfast Burrito
In Motley Crue's biography The Dirt, Tommy Lee famously puts his penis in a breakfast burrito in order to prevent his girlfriend from smelling the groupie residue on him. You'd think that perhaps soap would work, and that is precisely why you are not a rock star.

Stefan Krause
Round about that area.

Mike Ness - Mike Ness' Mouth
The lead singer of Social Distortion can reportedly suck his own. Though, if it were true, you really think they'd have put out as many albums as they have?

Jimi Hendrix - A Plaster Mold
Do you think as Jimi Hendrix was sliding his penis into a plaster mold he suddenly became aware of his mortality? Do you think permanently inscribing his dong reassured him?

Simon Davies/Flickr

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Socks
The Red Hot Chili Peppers putting socks on their dicks is probably the second most memorable thing about their band ... right before Point Break and right in front of the guitar solo in "Scar Tissue."

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Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

Does Lindsay Lohan count as a weird thing?

Carrie Closterman
Carrie Closterman

I will so think differently of Tommy Lee and his roller coaster drumset. Both barf.

Jesse Rehmer
Jesse Rehmer

Must be a bit bored huh? Can I recommend getting out more?

Chris Werner
Chris Werner

Ironic that the article's author's last name is a euphemism of penis...

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