Seven Weird Things Rock Stars Have Put Their Penises In

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Gary Glitter - The Entire Country of Thailand
The less said about this one the better.

Trent Reznor - Pure Fucking Darkness
So this is a technicality, but we think you know where we're coming from. Maybe someday we'll have the answer to our long-standing national question: Did Trent Reznor put his penis inside that pig head?

Glenn Francis

Tommy Lee (Again), Bret Michaels, Kid Rock, Anyone Who Wore Skull T-Shirts In The '80s - Pamela Anderson
Hey, we're not throwing shade. It's awesome how Pam Anderson has etched out a weird little niche for herself. Has there been a human more perfectly designed to sleep with people in metal bands? Sorry, Carmen Electra! Pam Anderson's simply on another level.


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Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

Does Lindsay Lohan count as a weird thing?

Carrie Closterman
Carrie Closterman

I will so think differently of Tommy Lee and his roller coaster drumset. Both barf.

Jesse Rehmer
Jesse Rehmer

Must be a bit bored huh? Can I recommend getting out more?

Chris Werner
Chris Werner

Ironic that the article's author's last name is a euphemism of penis...

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