Six Music Nerds We Put Up With

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Dave Watt
The I'm-Married-To-My-Band Nerd
This nerd's IN a band, and he doesn't talk about anything else. And the rest of us had better learn to live with it.

Dave Watt
The Metal Nerd
He'll introduce you to obscure metal bands like Warfare and Saxon; he'll introduce you to their friends as "their hipster friend." He probably knows how to party, though, so that is a plus. Just for fun, tell 'em you don't like Black Sabbath, and watch his head explode, but be prepared for an impassioned and lengthy conversation to follow.


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Craig Aye
Craig Aye

Do you all have one of these lists for the different types of beer snobs?

Ryan Paluczak
Ryan Paluczak

Wow, Ryan Gosling is an asshole. You'd think a musician would have more respect...

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

This ad fails to mention the fact ALL of these types are either working in the food industry or unemployed... oh wait some of them work as stage "techs" at The Pageant or Pops as well.

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