The Best St. Louis Hip-Hop Shows: March 2014

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Three 6 Mafia will perform at Mad Magician on March 27.

Sure, the weather seems nice now. But Mother Nature can be such a tease sometimes: Right when we think St. Louis is finally thawing out, we are gifted with more ice and snow and freezing rain and sleet and the occasional high-wind freak show. As we ride out the rest of this ruthless winter and St. Louis slowly -- and we do mean slowly -- transitions to spring, why not enjoy the best that St. Louis hip-hop has to offer? From indie-rap and local DJs to those national acts that sometimes grace the Lou with their presence, these are St. Louis' best hip-hop shows in March.

Afroman with The Fufops at Fubar
March 14
8 p.m. / $18-$22

Afroman is probably the only rapper in history to receive a Grammy nomination for getting too stoned to do anything. Don't blame him, though -- who really wants to clean their room? We can only hope the 25-year-old Afroman who wrote that song in 2000 is still the same 39-year-old Afroman today, and that he regales his showgoers with some superb stoney stories. What else can an Afrofan hope for?

The Bump & Hustle No. 21 with DJ MAKossa, Nappy DJ Needles, Hal Greens, Kase-One at Blank Space
March 15
10 p.m. / $5

If you're looking for a place to get down on a Saturday night, then Blank Space's monthly Bump & Hustle is your best bet. Trade in your fancy shoes for your dancin' ones, as DJ MAKossa, Needles, Hal Greens and Kase-One take over the tables with their vinyl selections. Funk, soul, reggae, hip-hop and boogie will be the specials this night.

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Brian Mull
Brian Mull

I'm not picking my nose, i'ma just tryin to tickle ma brain......

Rog Berry
Rog Berry

thats not hip hop. Thats nasty ghetto trash

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

you mean someone can mumble gibberish better than someone else?

Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas

its kinda sad there are any hip hop shows in stlouis

Rob May
Rob May

Kinda sad there are only three "notable" hip hop shows in STL in march and one of them is Afroman

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