The Best St. Louis Hip-Hop Shows: March 2014

Categories: Hip-Hop

Three 6 Mafia with Twisted Insane, Whitney Peyton, SOZAY, Alan Winkle, Metropolitix, Bandit, Repatalleon, Partners in Rhyme, Mark Bone, Haiku, Crook3d Music, B-Skan at the Mad Magician
March 27
7 p.m. / $20-$25

Three 6 Mafia is hitting St. Louis hard, with a huge line up that includes both national and local acts. The group reunited in 2013 as Da Mafia 6ix, with five of its original members, and is set to release an album in March 2014. Yes, we are still majorly sad about Juicy J's absence, but even without this show is still a big deal. Who could ever forget Three 6 Mafia's glorious Grammy win for "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"?


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