Vote Now to Determine St. Louis' Funniest Comic in RFT's Standup Throwdown!

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The polls have closed. The Elite 8 will be announced Monday morning, March 24.

Introducing the Standup Throwdown Round Two Winners -- the Elite 8

The call went out last month. Riverfront Times asked local comedians to tweet us a joke about St. Louis with the hashtag #stlfact. From the fifty people who threw their hat in the ring, we've selected the standup comedians with the sixteen funniest jokes for entry into our third annual Standup Throwdown. So here they are: The Tweet 16.

Now we need your assistance. Take a gander at the following head-to-head matchups and cast your vote for the tweets you think are funniest. The eight surviving comics, as determined by RFT readers, will compete live at Fitz's Restaurant on the Delmar Loop on Thursday, March 27. The Elite 8 will each do a five minute set with the winners moving moving on to the Final Four -- another live competition to be held April 1 at the Blueberry Hill Duck Room.

So let's get to it! Check out the tweets on the following pages, and cast your ballots now. Voting ends at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 23.


Christopher Cyr

Tiel Pearce

Continue on to vote for more comedians.

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Amber Klear
Amber Klear

Guys. Just vote for me. I'm up against a man who can't decide if he's ballsy or an asshole. He's got a tainted tweet.

Kelsey McClure
Kelsey McClure

I have a lot to say on this matter and will be getting back to you as soon as my thoughts are organized.

Dustin Miles
Dustin Miles

Hey, RFT, how about making this STL's best comedic twitter account? You do realize that none of these tweets are exemplary of an entire comedic set, right? I can't help but feel that it would be slightly more valid to post a video of each performers' sets to judge, which I understand takes work, but c'mon. I totally understand that you have to make money somehow. However, making this a standup showdown based on a single tweet makes it feel like you're making two musically based artists compete for album of the year when they only have one single. Kelsey McClure am I wrong? Or are these these limitations placed upon you?

Brandon Judd
Brandon Judd

Hi Jeep, I'm Brandon Tiberius Judd. I'm on page 6. Now you know one.

Jeep Naaked
Jeep Naaked

I don't know a single local one.. But would like to

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