Ten Walking Raver Cliches You Meet at Ultra Music Festival

Categories: EDM

Photo by Ian Witlen

The Bad Girl
At first glance, she seems to be a sweet young thing, sporting whimsically dyed hair, wearing bookish glasses or a flowery headband, and making hand hearts with her BFF. But then you read the handmade fabric-paint sign. And you notice that she moves from stage to stage by riding atop the shoulders of a male slave. And instantly, you recognize that she is a bad girl who parties way harder than you can handle.

Photo by Ian Witlen

The Peak-Hour Performer
The human body is a machine made for dancing. Just ask the Peak-Hour Performer. After training all year for this moment, dropping about twenty pounds of off-season water weight, spray-tanning to perfection, strategically shaving, and finding the perfect pair of short shorts, he or she is finally prepared for three whole days of rave. (Now, a quick party etiquette tip: Never interrupt a serious Peak-Hour Performer's mid-fest deltoid dips to ask for a photo op. You wouldn't badger Tiësto for a pic during his main-stage DJ set, would you? Please wait till the last rep.)

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