Ten Walking Raver Cliches You Meet at Ultra Music Festival

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Photo by George Martinez

The Spring Breaker
Unlike many raver types, the Spring Breaker isn't fussy about personal style. He or she basically dresses like it's frosh week at the beach. If it's a guy, he's probably wearing a "Spring Break Forever, Bitches" tee, old flip-flops, and whatever neon trucker hat was on sale at the tourist shop. And if it's a girl, she just romps around in a bikini top and sunglasses scored for free from some guy on the street. But beware, they travel in packs and they're prone to stampedes. So steer clear of possible Spring Breaker flash mob scenes like Avicii condom drops and Alesso tote bag giveaways.

Photo by Ian Witlen

The Pale Face in a Native American Headdress
Even a community supposedly built on "peace, love, unity, and respect" occasionally needs a lesson in cultural sensitivity. Like, seriously, what's with all these pale faces wearing cheap knockoffs of Native American headdresses? And extra-special shame on all of the imitation indigineous peoples at Ultra who've been dumb enough to break out the hand-over-mouth, "oh-woah-woah-woah" war chant as a way of requesting that your favorite DJ do an encore.

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