The Best St. Louis Noise/Experimental Shows: March 2014

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Provided by Nathan Cook.

Friday, March 14 at Apop Records

Catholic Guilt
Derek Dadian-Smith
DJ Mr. Ben

9 pm | $5

BRUXISM is the brainchild of Nathan Cook, who, by day, runs the Close/Far music label and, by night, performs under the moniker N.N.N. Cook. Through this myriad work, he has formed a distinct series that focuses on providing an ample entry point into the many realms of experimental music. With Catholic Guilt and Mr. Ben of Beauty Pageant on board, BRUXISM No. 2 looks to be a little rowdier than the first.

From Nathan Cook's Show Series BRUXISM Begins this Friday at Apop Records:

BRUXISM aims to provide an entry point into experimental and electro-acoustic music. Attendees will receive a free cassette, print or zine, depending on the month. Cook hopes to keep the series fresh by providing a different theme for each show.

"The main goal is to present a scene that can be somewhat mercurial and fragmented in a unified way, while maintaining and featuring each artist's particular vision," Nathan Cook says on the overall purpose of BRUXISM. "If that happens and people have fun and want to come back because they are curious about who will be performing next time, then I'll be happy."

Thursday, March 20 at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
Three Legged Race (Robert Beatty of Hair Police)
Kevin Harris
Nathan Cook
Andrew James

7:30 pm, free

Robert Beatty is equal parts audio and visual artist. His noise band Hair Police has been wildly prolific, earning accolades as a core name in experimental music throughout North America. Beatty's solo work, usually under the name Three Legged Race, further explores sound in an introspective sense.

On this night, catch both aspects of Beatty's work along with a strong roster of opening acts. CAM is currently showing works from Takeshi Murata, a video artist whom Beatty has worked with in the past. This serendipitous blend of sight and sound should feel deliberate and distinct.

Kevin Harris performs as part of the Audible Interruptions series, an exhibit built in collaboration with CAM. Local artists Nathan Cook and Andrew James both lend a hand to Harris on this night, making for a complex sensory experience.

Think I left something out? Piss off! No, actually, you're probably right. I usually cap this column at three or four shows. Share what you know in the comments below. For the future, drop me a line any time at

Joseph Hess is the Editorial Coordinator for the Riverfront Times. When he's not, you know, coordinating, he is the DJ of the experimental rock show Wrong Division over at KDHX (88.1 FM). Visit his personal blog here for more on this city's DIY and experimental music. Or stalk him on Twitter.


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