The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows: March 2014

Categories: DIY

Nervosas S/T LP

Nervosas, Doom Town, Staring Problem @ Melt
March 26
7 p.m. / $7

This is going to be Doom Town's last show ever. Put on your fanciest burial clothes/accessories and see what happens when you get funeral drunk at a place that serves booze and waffles. For one thing, you'll be probably sucked into a vortex of all the insanely catchy gloom-punk that's going on and come out of the other side of Melt's front doors on fire, hair akimbo, all neon and stonewashed (I saw it in a movie once; it happens). Plus you'll be participating in the send-off for one of the only local punk bands who've made it to Europe!

Another Lumpy design

Cabeza Twins, Animal Teeth, Q @ The Livery Co.
March 28
9 p.m. / $5

This show is going to be like a super-dangerous middle school talent show. Why? Well, it's the first show for two of the locals. Animal Teeth will probably have a bevy of new unicorn paintings and thrift store cassette tapes to wave in your general direction, too. This show could either be a total disaster or a magical representation of art from a bunch of anger-filled young(er) musicians. Or take columns A and B and just smash them together for the most likely scenario.

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