W. Kamau Bell May Have Lost His TV Show, But He Hasn't Lost His Edge

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Do the topics come first? Or does the punch line come first and then you develop it from there?

I think I'm like a lot of people. I'll spend all day with my computer open and, like, eight browser windows, and one of them is Twitter and one of them is Facebook. One of them is however else you get your media — some sort of MSNBC thing on TV, or I'm at Yahoo! News' homepage. You need to know how America thinks, what America believes.

There's different outcomes, different blogs. Each one of those pages is talking about the same thing. You go, "Ah, this is the thing we're all thinking about right now." Out of that you usually start airing your frustration about it.

I think for me, when I see Yahoo!'s homepage, I think, "This how America thinks. This is what mainstream America either is thinking about or being told to think about." But if you're only getting your information from Yahoo!'s homepage, then you have a very sort of specific take on the world.

Sometimes I'll even turn on FOX News and say, "Still crazy? Yep. Still crazy."


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