Alarm Will Sound: "We've got a mission to make St. Louis our second home."

Tyondai Braxton wrote a piece specific for you to perform, can you tell us a little more about that?

It was first performed at Carnegie Hall last year, and we played it most recently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where it was choreographed. So we just performed that in February. In fact, there's a Youtube that just went up. That video also has lots of pieces that we'll be performing tomorrow night.

How does this year's performance differ from last year's?

For us, the Pageant is a new venue and, we hope, a new audience. In last year's concert we were playing the Sheldon. And we've had a great response from the audience that is used to going to the Sheldon and seeing music there. This time we wanted to put ourselves in front of a different audience, at least one that is new to us, and expose what we do to that audience.

The new thing for us here is the venue and audience. We've got a mission now, a year and half old, to make St. Louis our second home, and so we want to get out in front of as many different groups of people as possible. That's why this performance at the Pageant is important to us.

Justin Bernhaut
Alarm Will Sound.

Where is Alarm Will Sound based out of?

St. Louis is the closest thing to a regular place that we work. And that's because we're really a band made up of friends. We've known each other since the '90s when we were going to Eastman School of Music, and it's been really important to us to stay together. This group is still, far and away, the original members. And so those people are spread out. We have people as far West as San Francisco, as far North as Montreal, as far South as South Carolina and some people in New York City.

We've had thirteen years of touring nationally and internationally, and we do that sort of thing without an address. We just fly to each place, gather and play for the next gig. In 2010, we started regularly coming back to Missouri and in 2012, we started to focus on St. Louis as a place that we would come back to regularly. We want to start building a second home, or a home, where we can come in contact with an audience on a normal basis and become part of a performing arts community in a specific space.

Why St. Louis?

The catalyst of this is the support of Jeanne Sinquefield and the Sinqefield Charitable Foundation, and their mission to make Missouri a center of contemporary composers. There is a significant funding that comes from them. Beyond that, while Chicago might be the obvious answer in the Midwest, St. Louis is the smart answer. Because of the size, St. Louis is a place we feel we can have an impact and it can have an impact on us. We feel we can become integrated more quickly into the performing arts community. It's the right size. It's not so big where we would get lost.

There's already enough going on here with New Music Circle, Chamber Project Saint Louis, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and St. Louis Symphony. There's a really rich cultural life here -- an audience that we feel is ready for the kind of adventurous programming that we do. So all those things come together to say it's a smart move to St. Louis as a place for us to really set down some roots.

You can follow Alarm Will Sound on its official website or through Facebook.

Alarm Will Sound
Tuesday, April 1
The Pageant

7:30 p.m. | $20


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