Video: Cardinals Pitchers Adam Wainwright and Trevor Rosenthal Perform Karaoke

It can be scary to sing alone if you're not used to it, so we recommend duetting with a trusted friend when you're just starting out or feeling especially nervous. Unfortunately, many people think that "duet" equals "two people singing the exact same notes at the exact same time for the entire song." That's why Wainwright's and Rosenthal's duet was a great choice -- their song clearly had verses and notes for two singers, so each man could get into character. They even managed to harmonize a little. It wasn't perfect, but it's evident that Rosenthal sometimes went for the higher notes of his character.

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Newbies often think you need to be a spectacular singer before even attempting karaoke, but that's definitely not the case -- all you have to do is sell the performance. No matter what type of song you're doing or where you're singing it, the key is to look like you're having a blast. Wainwright and Rosenthal easily got the audience on their side by pointing to the crowd, clapping, maintaining eye contact and moving around the stage. Doing jazz hands is a lot easier if you're already familiar with the tune, and given the way Wainwright and Rosenthal didn't have to stare at the screen constantly, we're guessing that they've each had a ton of Frozen practice in the car or shower.

Moreover, Wainwright and Rosenthal turned their on-field leadership into onstage leadership. Because it can be nerve-wracking to karaoke in front of your coworkers and bosses (or wealthy teammates, managers and owners), these two volunteered an example of silliness and effort, giving others "permission" to let loose." They completely sold how fun karaoke can be.

The best part of karaoke is when you just let it go, and Wainwright has become an expert at that. Watch Waino impersonate Billy Ray Cyrus -- mullet and all! -- while singing "Achy Breaky Heart" during a Make-A-Wish Foundation benefit last summer:


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