Guttermouth Frontman Mark Adkins Loves Playing Punk and Talking Shit

But the road may be taking its toll. Guttermouth hasn't released anything since 2006, although the guys say they're in the process of writing one, with a tentative fall release date. From his tone, Adkins seems over the whole write-record-release process. "It's a tough, fickle market out there for the record-buying public," he says. "I don't even know what labels are doing for bands anymore. Bad Religion had a record come out back when MusInk was going on, and that thing had been out for five months, and I didn't even know. I don't sit around and scan the Internet for bands; I'm not twelve. I got other things to do. Like go to Tijuana."


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aaronmccoy242 topcommenter

No mention of Ty Smith?? Nailed it

Dale Picolet
Dale Picolet

Wow. Saw Guttermouth open years ago for The Offspring. Had no idea they were still around.

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