Here's How Much Celebrities Are Getting Paid to Wear Stuff at Coachella

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Celebrity: Robin Thicke

Brand: Summer's Eve Douche

Pay: $100,000

Nobody has been more understanding of "douche" than Robin Thicke.

Celebrity: Danny DeVito

Brand: Marithé et François Girbaud Jeans

Pay: $25,000, plus a free belt.

DeVito's ass looks exquisite in '90s fashions 

Celebrity: Chris Brown

Brand: The State of California / California Raisin Advisory Board

Pay: Less prison time

As part of a plea deal with the State of California, Brown has been walking around wearing a California Raisins costume. This may or may not be true. We heard it through the grapevine. 

Celebrity: Pharrell Williams

Brand: The Russian Federation Tourism industry 

Pay:  $15,000 and a Crimean harem

Having realized what a hatwear trendsetter Pharrell has become, Putin is paying him to sport an authentic Russian babushka during the festival, made from the hide of the nearly-extinct Asiatic Black Bear. Hot in herre, indeed!


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Couch Pig
Couch Pig

WHy pay people to pay us...And if we owe someone 9 billion dollars I say we kill him..Then we can save the whales and rainforest when we are done..

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

remember this the next time these people tell you who to vote for and that you're racist for not wanting more taxes out of your paycheck. hypocrite liberals.

John Lupia
John Lupia

Why the fuck are you so obsessed with Coachella? If we gave a fuck we wpuld be there. Seems RFT is a little butt hurt.

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