Jeff Tweedy, Ginuwine Sing for Unity on Parks & Rec Season Finale

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First to the stage: the Decemberists! Colin Meloy calls Pawnee a "truly amazing town," where he ordered a small cheeseburger and both the buns were pizzas.

Grant, Ben and Leslie are talking about the great National Parks Service dental plan when Leslie's nemesis Jeremy Jamm comes over with a poster for his own "Secession Jam" in Eagleton, saying that the Unity Concert blows and a Warrant cover band will be at his event. Leslie realize she can hire two people for her new staff.

Near the stage, Tom is hanging out with Donna and her cousin Ginuwine. Obviously, Tom and G have a gazillion things in common. "We're both men about town, we're bombarded with party invitations." Donna says that if Ginuwine comes to Tom's restaurant later, she won't reveal how they took baths together. Fine, fine. Ginuwine hits the stage, singing "You're my pony!" as Li'l Sebastian banners descend. Perfect.

Meanwhile, Leslie is asking each of her current staff members if they'd take one of the two positions she'll have available in Chicago. No one's biting. Leslie is sad.

Andy performs on the kid's stage as Johnny Karate, singing about how imaginary friends take the fall for you. Ron's ex-wife Tammy (the Will & Grace one) shows up, and he calls her a "sewer-dwelling gutter witch." She retorts, "I will defeat you right into my pants" before walking away. OK.


Andy's former Mouse Rat drummer comes over to bury the hatchet, and Andy launches into some crazy story about how he thought the band would break up. Confused, drummer guy (who is in Letters to Cleo for real) wanders off. April says that Andy was so good, one kid peed his pants, and Andy laments being a solo artist.

But now it's time for Letters to Cleo, which is Ben's favorite band in the world! They're performing "Here and Now," and Ben is off to the side mouthing the words and screaming, "I LOVE YOU, KAY HANLEY!" She winks at him and he nearly dies.

Yo La Tengo goes on stage as Bobby Knight Ranger, a band that dresses like volatile former basketball coach Bobby Knight while playing "Sister Christian" over and over. People are booing at the concert, kind of, but it's a cute moment.

Andy is backstage, singing something that Land Ho is scheduled to play. Jeff Tweedy, frontman for the fictional band, comes over and says, "Why don't you let us play that, bud?" Andy kind of freaks out, Tweedy hits the stage, and everyone goes apeshit. The sound is kind of fuzzy, but maybe that's just the magic of TV. Tweedy rocks the hell out, and from the side, Andy tells April again that he misses being part of a band. "That's rock & roll." That's when Tweedy shouts into the mic that Andy's old band Mouse Rat will join them for the finale! Whoooooo! Andy's joy is enough to make me almost-cry, marred only by the very deep tongue scraping he gives April.

But wait, it gets better! All of the bands come out, and they do a tribute to Li'l Sebastian! THEY'RE DOING ANDY'S SONG WITH A HOLOGRAM LI'L SEBASTIAN ON STAGE! Lighters are swaying, singers are emoting... it's beautiful.


Henry Winkler, father to John-Ralpheo and Mona-Lisa, enters Tom's empty restaurant, laughing at his failure. Suddenly, the local news folks show up, followed by Letters to Cleo and a ton of other people. Heh. Sorry, Fonzie.

Later, the whole Parks and Rec gang is in the restaurant, having awesome moments. The best oviously is when creepy Barney from the accounting firm tells Ben that he registered the Cones of Dunshire in Ben's name as a birthday present. He also offers Ben a job, but Ben can't take it because he's moving to Chicago with Leslie. Or can he?

Ben announces that they got 4,000 people to sign up for the merger team, yay.

Leslie and Ron talk about her leaving and how Pawnee has the best breakfast anywhere.

"You can't have everything you want," says Ron. Oh, but I bet Leslie can. She's got a look in her eye.

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