Jeff Tweedy, Ginuwine Sing for Unity on Parks & Rec Season Finale

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The whole gang is there when Leslie tells Grant that she should take the job but stay in Pawnee. Ben says the economics work out, Tom says Pawnee is closer to the national parks in the region, April threatens to make Grant disappear. He agrees to run it up the flag pole, which makes Andy think Grant has enough power to bring back Power Rangers. "I don't know what you do, but I think you can get it done," Andy claims.

Three years later, Leslie has new hair, she's telling someone about a media lockdown, and Jerry still is working for her. She's in Pawnee. Awwww.

Ben arrives wearing a tuxedo (swoon!), and April and Andy bring out Leslie and Ben's kids -- two boys and a girl. They'll be watching them while Leslie and Ben head out. "How many bags of marshmallows do I give them?" Andy wonders.

"One day in the distant future, things will be calm and normal, right?" Leslie asks Ben as they step into the elevator.

Not a chance, Leslie. Not a chance.


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