Kurt Cobain's Thoughts on Life, In Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell
Kurt Cobain's life and death is unarguably the most discussed, dissected and speculated benchmark in the music industry. Now, twenty years after his death, we're still enamored with the man who sparked the grunge period and shaped the music of the '90s.

Despite the end of Cobain's life and career, headlines constantly emerge: "20 Years After Kurt's Death: What Changed and What Didn't..."; "New Death Scene Photos Released..."; "Intimate Photographs of Troubled Rock Star..."; "Here's What Kurt Cobain Would Look Like At Age 46." We just can't seem to get enough of the notorious Nirvana frontman.

It's no surprise that Nirvana is played on the radio as often as contemporary songs. Still, twenty years later, Cobain's music is reaching a new, core audience, many of whom weren't even born before Cobain died.

Here's what Cobain had to say about his life under the media's microscope.

Illustrated quotation above via Rolling Stone.

Jena Ardell

--via Hit Parader.

Jena Ardell

--via Rolling Stone.

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Blake Beck
Blake Beck

Of course the first two comments are ignorant as hell.

Douglas Ryan Heberer
Douglas Ryan Heberer

Agreed ^^ Well said, he is a coward for killing himself when he had a daughter to provide for.

Paddy Mac
Paddy Mac

Let's see, he blew his brains out leaving his young daughter not only fatherless but in the hands of a lunatic junkie of a woman. Frankly, I couldn't care less what his thoughts on life were. Whatever they were, they were bad wrong.

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