Mayor Slay Talks Karaoke: "Nine minutes is a lot of Yes."

Intrigued by the mayor's sing-along enthusiasm, we emailed him a few questions about karaoke's place in St. Louis. Here's what the city's head honcho sent back:

RFT Music: How important is karaoke to St. Louis' identity compared to provel, toasted ravioli and red-brick architecture?

Slay: Karaoke is a lot younger than red brick and provel. But it fills up restaurants and bars on weeknights and shows off our beer to good advantage.

We know of your affinity for progressive rock. Where do you stand on submitting a request to sing a nine-minute song by Yes?

Nine minutes is a lot of Yes. Better to request Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother" or "Echoes." [Ed. note: These are 24-minute suites that are almost entirely instrumental. Our resident karaoke DJ would nix them in a heartbeat.]

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What's one song you never tire of hearing someone karaoke?

I can't answer that question without offending someone.

What's one song you wish would be stricken from all karaoke songbooks within the city?

"New York, New York."

If you were to go sing karaoke somewhere in the city, what kind of atmosphere would make you most comfortable?

It would look a lot like HandleBar.

What's your best tip for enjoying karaoke, either as a performer or as a spectator?

Take Metro. Or walk. ;)


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