Music "Festival Style": Now at a Mall Near You, Unfortunately

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If you think summer festivals are mainly about the music, you're naive; they've become one of the year's most highly-anticipated fashion shows. Say what you want about the styles -- the floppy hats and the garlands and those gosh darn spirit hoodies -- but music festivals most certainly have a "look."

Once upon a time, these fashions were about expressing your creativity with outfits you put together yourself, no? Now plenty of mall retailers are dominating the game, selling everything from desert-style fringed crop tops to flower crowns. Here are the five most obvious offenders, from low-key to ridiculous.


Urban Outfitters

What are they selling? Small, fringed shoulder bags, lace tunics, panama hats, and feather head wraps.

How obviously are they pandering? Considering how quickly they usually appropriate trends like this, Urban Outfitters isn't being as obvious about commercializing attending a music fest as you'd expect. Their spring line is clearly fest-centric, but they aren't doing in-your-face promotions.


Pink by Victoria's Secret

What are they selling? See-through tanks, bikinis, backpacks and printed bralettes.

How obviously are they pandering? The lingerie giant doesn't seem to have put in much effort here. The "festival style" page for their youth-geared Pink line is just newly added bikini tops and some jean shorts they were already selling. Swimsuits can pass as clothing...right?

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Darlene Meyer Yurkins
Darlene Meyer Yurkins

every generation and every group within a fandom or following does this. cyclical human nature. the older i get, the bigger i shrug over it

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

The people that attend these festivals are mostly sheep. They all have the SAME style of dress and the SAME tattoos in the ironic attempt to be individuals. The market has them pegged.

Victoria Garner
Victoria Garner

Why do you always have such a Shitty attitude? Sounds like you could use a flower headband.

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