Music "Festival Style": Now at a Mall Near You, Unfortunately

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Icing by Claire's

What are they selling? Flower crowns, flower crowns, and more flower crowns. 

How obviously are they pandering? Once a prized DIY item at fests across the country, flower crowns are now being mass produced by accessory retailer Icing. So put away your hot glue guns -- the flower child look has clearly jumped the shark. 


Planet Blue
What are they selling? Body chains, maxi skirts, rompers, metallic temporary tattoos, and a shirt with palm trees on it. 

How obviously are they pandering? They have some cute clothes, but their marketing, like the above ad -- which seems to suggest that girls are too vain to, you know, care who's actually playing -- rubs us the wrong way. 

Below: The most obvious music festival panderer 

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