Music "Festival Style": Now at a Mall Near You, Unfortunately

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Icing by Claire's

What are they selling? Flower crowns, flower crowns, and more flower crowns. 

How obviously are they pandering? Once a prized DIY item at fests across the country, flower crowns are now being mass produced by accessory retailer Icing. So put away your hot glue guns -- the flower child look has clearly jumped the shark. 


Planet Blue
What are they selling? Body chains, maxi skirts, rompers, metallic temporary tattoos, and a shirt with palm trees on it. 

How obviously are they pandering? They have some cute clothes, but their marketing, like the above ad -- which seems to suggest that girls are too vain to, you know, care who's actually playing -- rubs us the wrong way. 

Below: The most obvious music festival panderer 

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Darlene Meyer Yurkins
Darlene Meyer Yurkins

every generation and every group within a fandom or following does this. cyclical human nature. the older i get, the bigger i shrug over it

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

The people that attend these festivals are mostly sheep. They all have the SAME style of dress and the SAME tattoos in the ironic attempt to be individuals. The market has them pegged.

Victoria Garner
Victoria Garner

Why do you always have such a Shitty attitude? Sounds like you could use a flower headband.

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